Rajasthan Search & Download Voter list 2022 Raj-Election

Option 1: Voter’s name,Relative name and age is available

Click Here

The section will appear as one shown below:
 First select District, then Local Body
Then, in the Name text input box, enter voter name. E.g. Panna

In the second text input box, enter relative name of the voter.This is optional information.
In the third text input box, enter age of the voter. E.g.30 This is optional information.
Please click on Search button to see the search results.
The number of results may vary in each of the case above as with lesser number of characters will match with more records in the store.

Option 2: Voter ID is available

Voter ID can be found on EPIC card provided by Chief Electoral Officer. To search with Voter ID click "MORE OPTIONS".It will appear as the one shown below.

In the text box enter the Voter ID. E.g. RJ/12/097/315264

Please click on Search button to see the search results.

Option 3: Voter’s Constituency Number, Part Number and Serial number are available

In this case, please click the "MORE OPTIONS". It looks like one shown below. 

Please enter Constituency Number in the first text input. E.g. 102
In the second box please enter Part Number. E.g. 9
In the third box please enter the serial Number. E.g. 7
Please click on search button to see the search results.
 Constituency, Part and Serial number can be found on Chief Electoral Officer website http://www.ceorajasthan.nic.in/ under the section Search Your Name in Voter List Or on the latest EPIC card.r Name in Voter List. Or on the latest EPIC card.

Search Results

When you click on search button, search engine program search for matching records in the information store and returns the results as shown below
Please notice that Elector's detailed information containing Ward information, Name, Relatiove Name, House No., Address, Polling Station imformation is shown in above search wizard.

Option 4: Finding voters on same address

In above sample result, please notice link "सारे देखे". When this link is clicked the search engine will locate the voters staying on similar address.