All India Bank Branch Address, IFSC Code Search, MICR Code Search, SWIFT Code Search

 How can you search Bank Branch Address, IFSC Code, MICR Code, Siwft Code by yourself online, so today we learn something new.

What is IFSC Code?

If you understand in easy language, then this is the address of a bank branch, the address of any bank branch in the world of the bank is given to you in a code, which we call IFSC CODE, in this code the full address of the bank branch is given. Yes, this code can be traced to the bank branch of the code by putting it on the online system, this is done due to many reasons, you will know that one bank cannot provide banking service in the whole country, so big bank complete Opens different bank branches across the country, and gives a code to all of them, so that IFSC Code is the same

The full form of IFSC Code is Indian Financial System Code – The full form of IFSC Code is Indian Financial System Code. (Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an eleven-character alphanumeric code that helps in online fund transfer.)

What does MICR code mean?

MICR Code is a technology that is used in recognition of the originality of the document with the help of special ink and characters, it is of 9 digits, this special level is printed at the bottom of the bank's check, which city the bank and which bank it belongs to, gives the name of the bank and the bank branch, if you have ever checked the check of any bank carefully, then you will know that magnetic inks bar codes are printed at the bottom of that check. Now, these bar codes are called MICR code, Sai Mai has written MICR code.

MICR Full Form is "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition", which is called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition in Hindi language, it is mainly used by the banking industry to make the processing and withdrawal of checks and other documents effective.

What is Swift Code?

You will know that IFSC Code is required to send any money from one account to another (Note: IFSC Code can only transact in any bank account in the country and not in another country's bank account), in the same way. When you send or order money outside the country then you do not need IFSC Code because IFSC Code works in the same country in which your bank account is and any other person's bank account of the same country can send money. and can be ordered, you must have come to know that if we have any problem in our country
The full form of Swift Code is Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, which is called Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications in Hindi language. It is used internationally to make and receive payments into bank accounts.

How to know ifsc code of any bank?

You must have heard the name of your IFSC Code, do you know what it is? How is it removed, where is it used, why is it important, if you do not know then today we are going to learn, please read the post completely and increase your knowledge.

Step 1:  For visit this website :

Step 2: First of all, select the name of the bank in which the account is held. Select the state in which your bank account comes. Select the district in which your bank account comes, Select the Tehsil / Taluk under which your bank branch comes, if you are not getting your Tehsil / Taluk name, then you should select the district itself. Select the bank branch in which your bank account was opened, here you will be shown the name or address of many bank branches.

Step 3: So in this way you can check your bank branch details

IFSC Code is of 11 digits, it is an alphanumeric code, which is composed of English and mathematical language, 4 initial letters of IFSC Code represent the name of the bank, each bank has a short name of its bank name, 5 The fifth digit (0) is zero, which when seen in the middle of the IFSC code appears to us as O, the letter at the end denotes the name of the branch, thus all these together form an alphanumeric code.

How to know MICR code from IFSC Code?

If you are filling a form where you are being asked for IFSC Code as well as MICR Code, then how can you find out MICR Code from IFSC Code, if you also want to know IFSC Code Se MICR Code then how to do You can, for this, on this site you will get an option related to IFSC Code, in which you have to give IFSC Code and click on the search button, after that your MICR Code will come in front of your eyes if you check MICR Code. And if you do not see anything in the MICR Code option, then its clear.

Step 1: For visit website :

Step 2: Here enter the ifsc code of your bank branch then click on the search button

Step 3: In such a way, you can check the details of any bank branch IFSC, in which you also get to see the MICR code.

How to get complete details of bank branch from micr code?

If you also have to check the details of your bank branch, how can you do it with the help of MICR code, for this you have to visit, here you will get the option related to MICR code, which has to be opened then on this Will ask you to enter the MICR code, then click on the “Search” button, after that you get to see the complete information of your bank branch, then you can do whatever information you want to get, here you will get the name of the bank. Branch Name, Branch Address, IFSC Code, Telephone Number, Branch Location

Step 2: Here enter the micr code of your bank branch then click on the search button

Step 3: In such a way, you can check the details of any bank branch MICR, in which you also get to see the IFSC code.

How to find Swift BIC Code of any bank?

You can find Swift code from your bank pass or bank branch, if you want to check online then you have to first come to website, here you will get the option of Swift code search in the menu, to search swift code For this, some bank information will be taken from you, you will have to give it, first you have to select your bank from the bank name list, whose SWIFT code you are looking for, after selecting the SWIFT code of that bank in which city The name of all those cities will be shown in your city.

Step 2: From here you can check if the SWIFT code is valid or invalid by entering the SWIFT code, as well as search the SWIFT code by sucking the location of the bank branch.

Step 3: As you submit by selecting bank name, city name as well as bank branch name, then SWIFT code details of that bank branch are shown in front of you.

Step 4: If the name of your city is not appearing in the bank name you have selected, then it clearly means that your bank branch does not have any SWIFT code.

How to find Swift Code IFSC Code

If you also want to get the SWIFT code of your bank branch, then how can you get it?

Step 2: Enter Your Bank Branch IFSC Code After Click On Search Button.

Step 3: As you search by entering the IFSC Code, you will get the Swift code of your bank in front of you.

Step 4: If there is no record of the IFSC Code entered by you then it clearly means that there is no SWIFT code in your bank branch..

What to do if you do not have SWIFT code of your bank?

You must have come to know that not every bank branch has SWIFT code, we want to tell you that only about 1% bank branches in the country have SWIFT code available. Hence SWIFT code is available only in main branches of major cities. So you don't need to worry. Here's what you have to pay attention to. If the bank branch in which you have an account, if that branch does not have any swift code of its own, then in such a situation, if you have another branch of the same bank near that branch, then you can use its swift code when you online swift code If you withdraw, you have to select the branch name, there you select the bank branch which is near your bank branch or near you, no matter how far that branch will be from your address or branch address, even if it is in another district, it will still work but If possible, it should be in your state in which you have a bank account. Any international payment can be received by using the SWIFT code of that bank branch. You will not face any problem in this.

My advice : I want to get money from a foreign company in my bank account, and the branch where my account is opened, there is no SWIFT code in that branch, and I can't order money without SWIFT, so what? I was very upset in Karu, then in this case I called toll free number of my big bank, I told the whole thing and they told me that if this is the case then you should use SWIFT of another bank branch which is near to you. Ho I told that I have opened an account in the bank branch of the district in which I am living, and the branch with SWIFT code, which is located near me, is in another district, then they said that it does not matter if you use You can do this, there will not be any problem in receiving your payment, then I did the same money was sent from my company, after a few days I got a call from the bank branch which was used in the SWIFT code, they told me asked some questions like asking where is this money coming from, why is it coming, what works, some many then speak in the last You will have to visit the bank, once if you can not come, then we are telling you an email id, you have to mail it, in the mail it is to tell where and why your money has been, I have to release the payment. After I emailed then on the second day the money came to my bank account.

So you can also receive payment like me by using swift code of any other bank branch.

Thank you